Putin Claims ISIS Is Responsible For Moscow Terror Attack

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Vladimir Putin claims that ISIS was responsible for the terror attack in Moscow and raises the possibility that Ukraine helped show its strength against international Islamist militants.

Putin Claims ISIS Is Responsible For Moscow Terror Attack
Source: Google [Image by CBSNEWS]

Putin’s Allegations and Speculations

Russian President Vladimir Putin has claimed that the Moscow terror attack was carried out by radical Islamists but refrained from naming ISIS. He suggested that Ukraine could have played a role in the attack to show their population that not all is lost for the Kyiv regime. The attack resulted in 139 deaths and 182 injuries in Moscow, with four men barging into the Crocus City Hall during a concert and spraying bullets.

Suspects and Regional Concerns

At least three of the four men who are suspected of carrying out Friday’s attack have Russian registration documents, according to Russian media. The men are Tajik migrant laborers. Following the attacks, Moscow has expressed concerns about their nation’s continued vulnerability to attacks by Islamist militants to the leaders of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkey, and Syria—all nations where Islamic State militants are known to operate or recruit members.

ISIS-K’s Global Threat

Under the leadership of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the Islamic State has been expanding throughout the world, taking root in Turkey, Iran, and Russia, among other places. ISIS-K, the group’s extremely violent branch, is becoming more and more adept at external assaults, particularly those against Western nations like the United States. ISIS-K terrorists killed close to 250 people in two attacks this year that targeted sizable civilian gatherings in Russia and Iran. ISIS is thought to be using this to demonstrate that it is still a serious and lethal threat.

Evolution of ISIS-K

The most operationally focused group, ISIS-K, is changing quickly, setting up cells and recruiting people in Central Asia, especially those who speak Farsi, Tajik, Uzbek, and other regional languages. ISIS-K and other regional groups have been growing in strength and scope in recent years; in the last year alone, they have carried out over 1,100 attacks that have claimed the lives of or injured almost 5,000 people worldwide.

ISIS’s Propaganda Influence

Even though the Islamic State has historically opposed Hamas due to its Iranian ties, ISIS spokespeople have praised Hamas’s attack on Israel on October 7 as an example of a low-tech terrorist campaign that results in a large number of casualties and receives a lot of media attention. European intelligence officials anticipate that radicalized terrorists will be inspired by what happened at the Moscow concert hall and that the attack may give new impetus to Islamic State factions fighting for resources, supporters, and notoriety.

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