Omar Lulu: Rape Case Filed Against Malayalam Director

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A young actress in Kochi has filed a rape allegation against Malayalam film director Omar Lulu, believing the gang is a blackmailing organization.

Omar Lulu: Rape Case Filed Against Malayalam Director
Source: Google [Image by CinemaExpress]

Omar Lulu, a director of Malayalam films, is accused of rape. The complaint of a teenage actress led to the taking of this case. The actress said in her lawsuit that after being given a chance in the movie, she was raped many times. The actress’s statement on the event was recorded by Nedumbassery police.

After relocating to Kochi, the young actress filed a complaint against director Omar Lulu with the police. The Nedumbassery Police subsequently received the complaint that had been filed with the Kochi City Police. According to the lawsuit, Omar Lulu sexually assaulted the woman at many locations in January and April of last year under the guise of friendship and a promise of a role in the movie.

Additionally, the complaint was a part of Omar Lulu’s earlier movie. Omar Lulu, meanwhile, said to Asianet News that he was very close friends with the actress. Along with the young woman, he has visited several locations. However, Omar Lulu claimed that since their friendship ended, he has grown resentful of him personally and believes this is the cause of the complaint. The director said that there’s a hunch that the complaint is being blackmailed by a gang. Omar Lulu will shortly be questioned by Nedumbassery police on the complaint.

Omar Lulu made her feature-directing debut in 2016 with the release of Happy Wedding. Later came the release of Chunks, starring Balu Varghese and Honey Rose. But Omar became well-known both inside and outside of India after the release of his third movie, Adar Love. It was the fourth movie, Dhamaka. When Nada Samam, the sixth movie, was released, it was the subject of several controversy. Kozhikode Excise brought legal action against the movie for encouraging MDMA usage. Barely three days after its premiere, the movie was taken out of theaters.

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