Abraham Ozler: A Malayalam Crime Thriller Hits OTT Today

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The Malayalam crime thriller Abraham Ozler, which debuted on January 11 of this year, is available on OTT platform Disney Plus Hotstar now. Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, and Malayalam versions of this movie have been released.
Malayalam Crime Thriller | Abraham Ozler
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Full Meals for Crime Genre Enthusiasts

It should be called Full Meals for those who enjoy the crime genre. It is also becoming more and more common for people to enjoy Malayalam crime thriller films. For several days, the audience has been anticipating the release of this movie. Look to Abraham Ozler for the reason for the delay…

Success at the Box Office: Mammootty’s Dark Interpretation and Jayaram’s Highly Praised Performance

Mammootty is displayed as a serial killer with dark undertones in this Malayalam crime thriller. This Malayalam crime thriller, which was released with an approximate budget of Rs 5 crore, made over Rs 40 crore at the box office. The audience at the theater enjoyed this film, which debuted as a short film. And let’s see how much of an impact it makes on the OTT audience. Hero Jayaram won praise for his performance as Abraham Ozler, an IPS officer, in this movie.

Interesting Storyline Turns: Solving the Puzzle

Unexpectedly, Abraham Ozler (Jayaram) misses his wife and kids. Despite their lack of visibility, Ozler imagines them to be beside him. The masterminds behind the killings are a few individuals from various backgrounds. Papers with Happy Birthday written in blood have been discovered. How did Ozler, a police officer, decode the mystery surrounding those killings? What caused Alex (Mammootty) to turn into a serial killer? You must see Abraham Ozler’s film to find out how Alex, who is in love with Suja, takes revenge on those who killed her. Midun Thomas is the director of this movie.

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