The Skoda Superb Will Launch In India On April 3: Here’s What We Now Know

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The introduction of BS6 Phase II regulations resulted in the discontinuation of the Skoda Superb in India. The sedan is going to cost more as a CBU in India than it did when it was first made available.

Skoda Superb
Source: Google [Image by Indiatv News]

Skoda plans to relaunch one of its cars in India. The upcoming Skoda Superb will be introduced in India on April 3, 2024. The sedan’s sale was discontinued on April 1, 2023, when the country implemented the BS6 Phase II emissions standards. Last November, the fourth-generation Superb made its global debut. However, it will introduce the previous generation Superb in India, which is currently on sale, and the fourth-generation Superb is expected to launch in India in 2025.

Skoda Superb the price in India

Following the government’s GSR 870 rule, which permits manufacturers to import up to 2,500 units annually, Skoda will import the Superb as a CBU without homologation. It is expected that a single top-spec Laurin and Klement trim, with additional features, will be imported into India for the sedan.

Prior to this, the sedan could be purchased in India for between Rs 34.19 and Rs 37.29 lakh. But since the sedan will now be fully imported, an increase in price is also anticipated. It is projected that the starting price will be approximately Rs 43 lakh.

Specifications of the Skoda Superb

A 2.0-liter, four-cylinder, turbo-petrol engine that complies with BS6 Phase II regulations and generates 320 Nm of torque and 190 horsepower at peak power will power the Skoda Superb. An automatic DSG gearbox with seven speeds will be mated to the engine. In 7.8 seconds, the engine can accelerate from 0 to 100 mph.
Additionally, it will have adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assistance with a top speed of 210 kph, among other ADAS features. Additionally, the sedan will have 360-degree camera park assist.
In the meantime, the new V-Strom 800DE was just introduced in India by Suzuki Motorcycle India. The motorcycle has a colored TFT LCD multi-information screen, an inverted front fork system, a clutch assist system, and a parallel-twin DOHC engine, among other features.

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