Rian Parag: Criticized By People After IPL 2024 Final 

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IPL star player Rian Parag has come under fire for his revealing YouTube searches for celebrity heroines like Sara Ali Khan and Ananya Pandey.

Rian Parag: Criticized By People After IPL 2024 Final 
Source: Google [Image by The Quint]

Ryan Parag, a prominent IPL player, has become involved in controversy. Despite receiving praise for his run-scoring this season, Parag is currently coming under heavy fire for his actions. The internet community is furious with this young celebrity, accusing her of having a terrible mind. They are wondering what’s wrong with girls because they are sober and an example to everyone.

Rian Parag has actually been known to play for the Rajasthan Royals this season. Rajasthan made it to the playoffs owing in large part to Parag. He once faced off against Virat Kohli for the Orange Cap. He soon began to knock on Team India’s door. In 14 innings, he scored 573 runs with a 52 batting average and a 149 strikeout percentage.

However, Parag was unable to defeat Sunrisers Hyderabad in the Qualifier-2. In the crucial encounter, he scored six runs off ten balls. Following Rajasthan’s elimination from the competition, Ryan Parag resumed his regular life. Parag took part in a live-streamed internet gaming session in this clip. Ryan Parag was faced with a dilemma after this session.

He streamed while opening YouTube. When people saw his search history, they were shocked. He discovered his YouTube history by searching for sexy videos of famous people. Sara Ali Khan and Anyana Pandey both have a hot search history. It seems that Rian Parag, who looked for these heroine’s visual appeal, also looked up Virat Kohli’s name on YouTube. Ryan forgot to hide his search history, which resulted in the public learning about his personal background. This has led to harsh Criticism of Parag.

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