Rajkot: Tragic Rajkot Fire Takes 24 Lives, Including 12 Children, Gujarat DGP Issues Orders

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A fire in Gujarat’s Rajkot city killed 24 people, including 12 children, while 20 were rescued. The Gujarat DGP ordered inspections and closures in the absence of a sufficient fire NOC and safety equipment.

Rajkot: Tragic Rajkot Fire Takes 24 Lives, Including 12 Children, Gujarat DGP Issues Orders
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A major fire broke out at a game zone in Gujarat’s Rajkot city on May 25 evening, killing at least 24 people, including 12 children, according to officials. According to Rajkot Police Commissioner Raju Bhargava, 20 dead have been recovered so far from the fire in TRP Gaming Zone.

Around 4.30 p.m., a fiber dome used for gaming activities caught fire, and rescue efforts have been underway at the impacted TRP Game Zone for almost four hours, according to officials.

Officials claim that the massive fire was the reason behind the structure’s collapse.

When the fire broke out, many people—including kids—were playing games.

“At approximately 4:30 p.m., someone called the fire control center reporting that there was a fire at the game zone. Ambulances and firemen raced to the scene to put out the fire. The building collapsed due to the fire, and the rubble is currently being removed. 16 deaths have been reported to us thus far,” Prabhav Joshi, the collector from Rajkot stated.

Due to the continuing summer vacation and weekend, a number of people, including children, were at the location playing games when the tragedy happened.

Following the blaze, Rajkot Police Commissioner Mr. Bhargava informed the media that all gaming zones in the city had received a notification to cease activities and that the source of the fire would be looked into.

DGP orders gaming zone inspections

Pramod Kumar, the DGP of Gujarat, has ordered an inspection of every kid-friendly gaming area in the state. Due to claims that the TRP Gaming Zone in Rajkot lacked a fire NOC, all zones that are currently in operation without a valid fire NOC and fire safety equipment must close right away.

A special investigative committee has been formed by Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel to look into the tragedy. Additionally, he declared that the families of the deceased would receive â‚ą4 lakh in compensation, and the injured parties would receive â‚ą50,000.

PM Modi expresses grief

The loss of life in the fire disaster has been mourned by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“Very saddened by the Rajkot fire incident. I’m praying and thinking of everyone who has lost a loved one. For the injured, prayers. Mr. Modi commented on X, saying, “The local administration is working to provide those affected as much assistance as possible.”

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