Biden’s Warning To Iran: Avoid Violence For Israeli Attacks

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Iran was told by US President Joe Biden not to respond to the Israeli strikes that claimed the lives of seven Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards.
Biden's Warning To Iran
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Reporters at the White House were informed by US President Joe Biden on Friday that he believes Iran will attack Israel “sooner rather than later.” CNN cited Biden as saying, “I don’t want to get into secure information, but my expectation is sooner rather than later.” Biden responded, “Don’t,” when asked what message he would like to send Iran right now.
Following the group’s announcement on Friday that it had fired “dozens of Katyusha rockets” at Israeli artillery positions, Biden added that the US is still committed to defending Israel, as demonstrated by the transfer of additional defense assets to West Asia.
  • “Defending Israel is our priority. Iran will not prevail, and we will stand with Israel and assist in its defense,” stated Biden.
  • The Iran-backed Lebanese group said that the Hezbollah missile attack was a reaction to Israeli strikes in the south.
  • Fears of a wider regional war have put the US on high alert in recent days, in case Iran launches a major retaliatory attack against Israel.
  • The White House stated on Friday that, in the wake of Israel’s attack last week on an Iranian diplomatic compound in Syria that resulted in the deaths of three Iranian generals, there is still a “real,” “credible,” and “viable” threat of Iran conducting strikes.
  • Around 40 launches were detected crossing from Lebanese territory, some of which were intercepted, according to the Israeli army.
  • It stated that “no injuries were reported” and that it had previously stopped two attack drones belonging to Hezbollah that had crossed over from Lebanon.
  • Israel and Lebanon have been technically at war since the latter’s creation, and since the 2006 Lebanon War, they have adhered to the general ceasefire agreement.
  • According to a count by the news agency AFP, the violence in Lebanon has killed at least 363 people so far, the majority of whom were Hezbollah fighters but also included at least 70 civilians.
  • According to the Israeli military, 8 civilians and 10 soldiers have died.
  • Both sides of the border have seen tens of thousands of civilians flee their homes.
Additionally, the US State Department prohibited diplomatic personnel and their families from leaving Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Beersheba.
Amidst the warnings, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held meetings with members of his war cabinet.
A few Israelis expressed their lack of concern regarding a possible Iranian attack.
“We are aware that adversaries surround us from all directions—the south, north, east, and west,” Daniel Kosman stated to the AFP news agency while at a Jerusalem market. “I assure you that we are not afraid. Take note of the people leaving.
Israel has not claimed responsibility for the strike in Damascus but is widely considered to have carried it out
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Apart from advising people to stockpile water, food for three days, and essential medications, the Israeli government has not released any additional advice.
Local authorities were reportedly instructed to assess the preparedness of public shelters to be ready for any potential attack, according to Israeli radio.
In addition to strengthening air defenses and bringing up reservists, the Israeli military last week cancelled combat troops’ home leave.
On April 1, a missile strike on the Iranian consulate in Damascus resulted in the deaths of thirteen persons.
Chief of Iran’s elite Quds Force in Syria and Lebanon, Brig Gen. Mohammad Reza Zahedi, was one of the high-ranking military officials from Iran who attended.

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