Heavy Rain Effect In The UAE: Damages And Issues

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“Heavy rain disrupts UAE, causing widespread flooding, flight delays, and infrastructure damage, impacting Dubai and neighboring regions.”
Heavy Rain Effect In The UAE: Damages And Issues
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Heavy Rain and Widespread Flooding in UAE

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) saw heavy rain on Tuesday, which caused widespread flooding throughout the desert nation and disrupted air travel. Dubai, which typically experiences an arid climate and scorching temperatures, was thrown into chaos. Not only did the unexpected downpour stop the busy city in its tracks, but it also sparked worries about the increasingly obvious effects of climate change on extreme weather events in the area.

Impact on Dubai International Airport

Due to the heavy downpour, which made flight operations dangerous, Dubai International Airport, the busiest air hub for international passengers worldwide, had to divert a number of incoming flights on Tuesday. Arrivals were suspended for a rare period of time at the airport, which usually receives over 100 flights each evening. After 25 minutes, the flights gradually resumed. Flight operations experienced delays and cancellations even after departure flights resumed in the evening.

Videos of Flooding Go Viral

Videos of partially submerged cars in the airport parking lot and planes taxiing on flooded runways went viral on social media. The airport’s access roads were also submerged.

Significant Impact on Flight Operations

There has been a significant impact on airport flight operations. Ten flights have been diverted, 178 flights have been delayed, and 79 flights to Dubai—including 15 from India—have been canceled. The airport’s departures as well as arrivals have been impacted by the flooding. Ninety flights from Dubai have been canceled, with 152 being delayed. Of those, thirteen are going to India.

Infrastructure Damage in Dubai

At least one Dubai Metro station was submerged in ankle-deep water, and the city’s main infrastructure—including flagship retail centers like Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates—was inundated. Roads collapsed, neighborhoods flooded, and reports of leaks from windows, doors, and roofs in different homes surfaced.

Regional Impact Beyond Dubai

The storm’s effects were felt not just in Dubai but throughout the United Arab Emirates and neighboring Bahrain, where similar scenes of flooding and chaos were witnessed. Schools throughout the United Arab Emirates were closed, according to news agency AFP, and more storms, including hail, are predicted for today, which is why authorities extended the remote working policy for public servants.

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