Ashneer Grover Demands Controversy Like A Rakhi Sawant !!

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The sensation of Shark Tank India Ashneer Grover caused controversy when he demanded comedian Aashish Solanki to take down a parody video from his program Pretty Good Roast.

Ashneer Grover Demands Controversy Like A Rakhi Sawant !!
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Ashneer Grover, the popular Shark Tank India entrepreneur, is involved in controversy once more. This time, it’s because he asked comedian Aashish Solanki to remove a video that mocked Grover. Grover had initially consented to participate as a guest on the roast show, but this happened.

Grover asked that his part be cut from the show because he could not handle the jokes, according to Solanki, the presenter of the comedy series Pretty Good Roast.

TV pe log talent dikhaane jaate hai, yeh aaukat dikha kar aagya [People appear on TV to display their skill and this person revealed his status],” Solanki said in a video statement. “Who gets fired from a company, and how does that happen?”

“Doston apna show banane ke bohot challenges hote hain mujhe abhi abhi pata chala,” adds Solanki as the video goes on. Even said, it’s a shame that during the filming of this show, some guests were hurt and there were many jokes that were not funny at all. Toh ab hume sadly unka poora part kaatna padega [I now see that conducting a show has a number of difficulties. The visitor couldn’t handle the joke and declined to participate on the show. Thus, we had to take his segment out of the movie.]

Later, on Instagram, Solanki clarified the situation, writing, “Ep 5 of Pretty Good Roast Hata diya hai dosto.” Legal Battle is not worth it at all. Sab Show pe laga diya tha [My friends, the episode has been withdrawn. I spent all of my money making this program, therefore I don’t have any left enough to defend a lawsuit.]

We felt that our audiences were prepared for roast comedy based on the reaction to earlier episodes. But it appears that some people—particularly those in positions of authority—are still a ways off. We appreciate your patience and on-going help. Watch this space for the upcoming episode! Adore, Aashish,” he said.

The board of BharatPe accused Ashneer Grover of widespread financial theft through his family members, leading to his dismissal as managing director in March 2022.

How social media reacted to it

The video went viral and had over 694,000 views on YouTube before being taken down. Grover, the previous managing director of BharatPe, was the target of criticism over the video.

A commenter questioned Grover’s capacity for taking criticism, pointing out that other show participants had invested a significant amount of money. “If he can’t take it and has such a weak ego, why did he even go there? The other individual invested a significant amount of money on the program, which had no sponsors. The roasters wrote jokes with their precious time and effort.

Another remark compared Grover to the “Rakhi Sawant of the startup world,” implying that he was overly focused on gaining attention. He is the startup world’s Rakhi Sawant.

In response to the incident, a different user criticized Grover’s sudden resignation and emphasized the difficulties the show’s organizers faced, especially in the lack of sponsorship. Without a sponsor, it would be particularly difficult for him to organize the show—you can’t just walk away from a show like this.”

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