Umar Ansari’s Claim: Poisoning In Mukhtar Ansari’s Death

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“Umar Ansari’s claims poisoning caused Mukhtar Ansari’s death, leading to legal action. The medical college cites cardiac arrest as the cause.”
Umar Ansari's Claim: Poisoning In Mukhtar Ansari's Death
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Umar Ansari’s reports

Umar Ansari, the son of gangster-turned-politician Mukhtar Ansari, who died of cardiac arrest on Thursday at a hospital in Banda, Uttar Pradesh, claimed that his father was poisoned in the food and said the family would take the case to court.

Medical College’s Statement

Mukhtar Ansari was brought to the Rani Durgavati Medical College in Banda from the district jail in “an unconscious state” and died at the hospital due to a heart attack, according to its principal, Suneel Kaushal, according to news agency PTI.

Lack of Official Communication

The principal of the college, Suneel Kaushal, stated that Mukhtar Ansari passed away at the hospital due to a cardiac arrest after being taken in “an unconscious state” from the district jail, as reported by news agency PTI.

Denial of Entry and Poisoning Claim

From the administration’s end, I received no information. Through the media, I learned about it. But everything is now known to the whole country. I attempted to meet him two days ago, but I was denied entry. About the claim that we gave slow poison, we previously stated as much, and we will continue to do so now. His dinner on March 19 contained poison. The news agency ANI quoted Umar Ansari as saying, “We will move to the judiciary, we have full faith in it.”

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