The Idea Of You: A Story Of Complexity And Love

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In “The Idea of You,” a 2017 book about a complex relationship with a singer, Anne Hathaway plays the lead role. Her humor, depth, and sensitivity are elements of Beyonce’s “Just For Fun.”

The Idea Of You: A Story Of Complexity And Love
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In the recently released film “The Idea of You,” Anne Hathaway makes love to a younger man. It is based on the same-titled novel published in 2017. The reality that her new partner is a member of a well-known boy band further complicates their relationship. Nicholas Galitzine plays him.

Coachella is a destination for Hathaway’s character’s daughter. At that point, she unexpectedly runs into a teenage singer, who completely changes her life.

40 years old and divorced. He’s 24, and he’s centered. Additionally, each is weak for a different cause.

“There are two individuals that struggle with trusting others, and they do so for very valid reasons,” Hathaway added. “And sharing something genuine and sensitive about yourself is the only way you can tear down those barriers. I adore that their relationship was based largely on vulnerability and playfulness.”

“They’re both highly emotional people, and regardless of what the other characters say in the movie, it’s obvious that they get along well, so I think viewers will want to support them,” said Galitzine.

For this part, Nicolas indulged his musical side. And everything appeared to go smoothly. “I don’t do well when I’m kind of put in a booth with everyone watching me. It was just a really nice skill I got to develop in this because I want to kind of be amid it all.”

“The Idea of You” is not without its humor, but it also delves deeply.

“You must listen to Beyoncé’s most recent album. It’s excellent! Still, Hathaway pointed out that “she has this song called ‘Just For Fun’ on it, and it’s this idea of fun, but it’s like Beyonce’s idea of fun.”

You can currently watch “The Idea of You” on Prime Video.

The Idea of You: Official trailer

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