Samsung: How it has developed and renovated over the last 2 centuries?

If there’s a company that’s always been willing to experiment and innovate, there is no more than Samsung. South Korean brand Samsung where it has gone from feature phones to the top-of-the-line premium 5G phones. This year Samsung launched its latest installment to the S-series called Galaxy S21, and it completely reinvented the camera capabilities of smartphones. Camera modules were bigger and the lenses available are extremely efficient and allow you the ability to take professional-looking long-range photos and more, thanks to its optical zoom. The cameras for static photography can record high-quality video in 8K which are beneficial for all content creators.

First Samsung Phone

In the past the first product released by Samsung was the SGH-100. It it was first introduced in the market for home phones of Korea in the year 1988. This was Samsung’s first phone manufactured by Samsung and it is important to not misunderstand Samsung’s previous history when it first entered the market in 1938. SGH-100 was also introduced in Europe but this was the end of it. The product was never introduced to the other markets.

On The Global Market

Following the huge success that was the SGH-100 in the countries where it was introduced, Samsung has launched SGH-600 which is the next phone to follow it. It was the year 1998, and the phone established Samsung’s position globally. The USP of these phones was their enduring battery. But the reason which drove them to the position they are at now was something different. It was the range of smartphones that the company has provided with affordable prices.

Samsung Galaxy S & Note Series

It was the year 2010 when Samsung introduced its first Note-series and S-series. Both were targeted at different types of users and at first the users had difficulty to distinguish from the other. The current situation is that Samsung has ceased the Note series and the last phone launched in the series was the Galaxy Note 20. The main difference between them is the fact that the Note series had stylus, and the storage capacity is greater on this model.

Samsung Galaxy Z Lineup

The S and Note series is quite successful and has special market segments, Samsung has again stepped up its game of innovation and has launched an engineering marvel with its brand-new smartphone that folds. The 2nd generation of the foldable and Samsung has fixed some of the issues that plagued Z Fold and Z Flip’s first generation. Samsung has announced the first foldable model in 2019.
The model that launched in the year 2019 was named Galaxy Z Fold, and it was available in the form of a booking. Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Z Flip in 2020 it was a more traditional design than the flip phone. The display panel employed in this case by Samsung is known as Infinity Flex Display. The model that was introduced in the year 2019 was called Galaxy Z Fold and it could be booked using the form of booking. Samsung launched the Galaxy Z Flip in 2020 which had a more traditional style than a flip phone. The display panel utilized in this case by Samsung is called Infinity Flex Display.

Final Thoughts

There are a variety of brands are available on the market, each creating unique products, however it’s only Samsung with the potential to make it happen on such massive scale. Samsung smartphones run in Android OS and that’s another important factor that has contributed to the popularity of the brand. Samsung has a broad range of smartphones in its portfolio and you’ll be able to locate the right device within your budget. User experience overall has significantly improved from the slow days of the TouchWIZ UI. Samsung offers an optimized OneUI that promises to provide improved navigation and gestures