Significant Decrease In Gold And Silver Prices !!

Source: Google [Image by MoneyControl]

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There has been a noticeable decrease in the price of gold and silver, which suggests that fewer people are investing in these precious metals.

Significant Decrease in Gold and Silver Prices !!
Source: Google [Image by MoneyControl]

If you’re considering making an investment, buying gold is a wise choice. If you too think that gold is a smart investment, then its price has dropped significantly in the recent past. The price of gold and silver fell dramatically on Friday after hitting all-time highs. Multi Commodity Exchange reports that as of Friday, May 24, the price of 10 grams of gold dropped from Rs 74367 to about Rs 71500. On Friday, the price of one kilogram of silver was Rs 90,910.

What was the silver price?

Let us inform you that the price of silver hit its highest point ever on May 20. Today, the price of a kilogram of silver is Rs 95,267. But since May 20, the price has been falling daily. Based on statistics from the MCX, silver’s price on Friday was Rs 91045. If observed, silver has dropped in price by Rs 4,222 throughout the previous four days.

What was the gold price?

The price of ten grams of gold on May 20 was Rs 74,367. The price of 10 grams of gold on the Indian bullion market was Rs 71,526 on Friday, May 24. In just four days, the price of gold dropped by Rs 2,841 per 10 kilos.

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