Pune: Teen Spends 48,000 In Pub In Just 90 Minutes 

Source: Google [Image by Asianet News]

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A 17-year-old Pune teenager was placed under custody after it was claimed that he served alcohol to minors and caused delays to his Porsche registration and driver’s license by crashing it with a bike.

Pune: Teen Spends 48,000 In Pub In Just 90 Minutes 
Source: Google [Image by Asianet News]

Before he crashed his expensive car into a bike on Sunday, killing two people instantly, the 17-year-old teenager involved in the deadly Porsche collision in Pune is said to have spent Rs.48,000 in just ninety minutes at one of the two bars he attended.

Just hours before the disaster, the accused teenager went to two bars, the Cosie restaurant and the Hotel Blak Club, and was given drink. Sources claim that these two restaurants and pubs are being investigated for allegedly breaking the law by serving alcohol to customers who are not of legal age.

The first bar the teenager and his buddies went to, Cosie, around 10.40 p.m. on Saturday, was where the entire Rs 48,000 bill was paid, according to a TOI story that quoted Pune police commissioner Amitesh Kumar.

On the Pune district collectorate’s instructions, the Maharashtra excise department shut the two eateries on Tuesday where the 17-year-old accused was reportedly supplied alcohol.

According to authorities, the accused youngster traveled to the two businesses on the intervening night of Saturday and Sunday with his companions between 9.30 pm and 1 am and reportedly consumed alcohol.

Thus far, the Pune Police has taken into custody four restaurant executives and the father of a seventeen-year-old kid for giving alcohol to the young one.

That same day, the Juvenile Justice Board made an unusual decision to grant the boy bail and ordered that he write an essay regarding auto accidents. The decision has drawn criticism.

The 17-year-old youngster who killed two young IT workers when he crashed his Porsche automobile into a bike has been prohibited from obtaining a driver’s license by the Maharashtra Transport Department until he becomes 25.

Additionally, according to state transport officials, the Porsche Taycan’s permanent registration has been delayed since March due to the owner’s failure to pay a Rs 1,758 charge.

Devendra Fadnavis, the deputy chief minister of Maharashtra and person in charge of the home ministry, pushed for the teen’s trial as an adult and expressed astonishment and amazement that the JJ Board (JJB) had taken a “lenient view” of the tragic vehicle accident and granted bail to the accused.

In the meanwhile, the excise agency has launched a special inspection campaign to make sure pubs and restaurants with licenses don’t offer alcohol to minors and don’t stay open until 1.30 am due to public outcry over the event.

The agency released a statement saying that “if any violations are found, cases would be filed against such establishments and their licenses would be revoked.”

Early on Sunday morning, two IT engineers riding motorbikes in Kalyani Nagar were fatally struck by the young Porsche driver. The dead have been identified as 24-year-old Madhya Pradesh-born IT professionals Anish Awadhiya and Ashwini Koshta, who were employed in Pune.

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