Spain & Norway Legally Support Palestine EU’s Division With Israel Deepens

Source: Google [Image by WFXRTV]

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Despite tense relations between the EU and Israel, the EU, Norway, and Spain have acknowledged a Palestinian state, supporting Palestinian ambitions and mitigating Israel’s response to Hamas’ attack.

Spain & Norway Legally Support Palestine EU's Division With Israel Deepens
Source: Google [Image by WFXRTV]

In a concerted attempt by the three Western European countries, Spain, Norway, and Ireland decided to establish a state for Palestine on Tuesday formally. Israel denounced the diplomatic effort, which will not immediately affect its bloody conflict in Gaza but will increase international pressure on Tel Aviv to lessen its harsh response to the attack led by Hamas last year.

The Spanish Cabinet would recognize a state for Palestine at its meeting on Tuesday morning, according to Prime Minister Pedro Snchez.

Snchez declared in a televised statement outside the gates of the prime minister’s palace in Madrid that this is a historic move with the primary objective of assisting Israelis and Palestinians in achieving peace.

Israel’s Foreign Minister, Israel Katz, took a hard line against Spain on X, claiming that Snchez’s administration was encouraging war crimes and the extermination of Jews.

In a statement, Norwegian Foreign Minister Espen Barth Eide stated that his country has been among the leading proponents of a Palestinian state for more than thirty years. The official recognition of Palestine as a state by Norway today marks a significant turning point in the two countrie’s relationship.

None of the main Western powers have recognized a Palestinian state, despite the fact that dozens of nations have. Nevertheless, the joining of three European nations to the alliance signifies a public opinion success for Palestinian initiatives.

With two EU states recognizing Israel diplomatically and Madrid demanding on Monday that the EU take action against Israel for its ongoing murderous attacks in the southern Gazan city of Rafah, relations between the EU and Israel have collapsed.

Following the EU foreign ministers’ meeting on Monday, Irish foreign minister Michel Martin stated, “I have seen a real discussion on sanctions for Israel at an EU meeting for the first time.”

Prior to its official recognition, Norway, which does not belong to the EU but frequently coordinates its foreign policy with the group, gave diplomatic documents to the Palestinian authority over the weekend.

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