Latest Diabetes News – 5 Effective Natural Diabetes Treatment Tools

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder that cannot be cured completely. It can only be managed with appropriate lifestyle modifications. Proper awareness is the key for successful management of diabetes. In this article we will look at some important lifestyle modifications that can help you lead a normal life despite diabetes. We will also look at some home remedies that can help reduce symptoms of diabetes and achieve better blood sugar control.

1. Regular exercise: Diabetes is usually found in obese or overweight people, and the first step in managing diabetes is to control weight. Regular exercise is a must for people suffering from diabetes. The exercise can be in the form of physical activities such as walking, cycling or swimming.

2. Avoid smoking and drinking: All forms of tobacco should be a strict no-no for people suffering from diabetes. Alcohol consumption should also be avoided and if at all a diabetic patient wants to have a drink, it should never be had on an empty stomach. Also, alcohol consumption should be done in moderation.

3. Follow a healthy diet: Diabetic patients should avoid sweet dishes and eat healthy. The portion sizes should be regulated and instead of three heavy meals, smaller and more frequent meals should be had in order to make sure that there are no sudden fluctuations in blood sugar levels. You should also avoid sugary and fizzy drinks such as cola and caffeine.

4. Manage stress: Stress can negatively affect insulin secretion and blood sugar levels. Therefore diabetic patients should take care to manage stress in their lives. Some form of relaxation such as yoga can be tried to calm the mind and feel relaxed.

5. Proper medication: If you are a diabetic you need to make sure that your lifestyle is changed in such a way that you do not forget to consume your daily dose of medication. Even if you are trying out natural cures or home remedies, you should keep your doctor in the loop and discuss the dosage required.

Some home remedies that can be tried to manage blood sugar levels within normal limits are given below:

• Increase the amount of onions, garlic, celery and other foods known to reduce blood sugar levels in the diet.

• Soak fenugreek seeds in water overnight and mash the seeds in the water and drink this every day after straining the residue.

• Have a cup of bitter gourd juice on a daily basis.

• Boil 3-4 mango leaves in water and drink it every day.

• Boil two tablespoons of cinnamon in one liter of water. Drink it while warm.

These home remedies combined with a healthy lifestyle will help to avoid the onset of complications associated with diabetes, and would help you lead a fairly normal life.