7 Surprising Foods That Ruin Your Teeth

The fact that sugar and acidic attack the teeth is known to everyone. But there are also foods that you might not have guessed at first glance are bad for your teeth.


If you want to have beautiful and healthy teeth, you should brush them three times, use a dental rinse, visit the dentist regularly and treat yourself to oral hygiene from time to time. In addition, it is advisable to avoid foods that are harmful to teeth as much as possible. We reveal four hidden dental health killers:

1.White Wine

If you prefer white wine because red wine stains your teeth, we have bad news for you: Researchers have found that white wine dissolves more calcium from the deep layers of the teeth. So if you enjoy a glass in the evening, it’s better to wait an hour before brushing your teeth to protect the enamel. Extra tip: It is advantageous to eat something before drinking white wine. This neutralizes the acids and does less damage to the tooth enamel.

2.Marinated Food

Pickled gherkins are already something fine. But they can harm teeth. The high vinegar content in pickled foods demineralizes the teeth. In addition, marinated snacks often contain sugar – which is also bad for teeth.


Freshly squeezed juices are healthy. However, because they contain acid and sugar, they are bad for teeth. Tip: If you drink juices and smoothies with a straw, you protect your teeth. This way, the liquid goes directly into the mouth without coming into contact with the teeth.

4.Dried Fruit

Citrus fruits in particular attack tooth enamel. But dried fruits also ruin the teeth. The reason: the dried fruit sticks to the teeth like chewing candy. So be sure to brush your teeth after eating dried fruit!


Actually, almonds are among the healthy foods because they are rich in vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids. Since they are very hard, they can cause cracks in the teeth when chewed and even break them in the worst case. It is better not to reach for whole almonds, but for slivered or sliced almonds.

6.Barbecue Sauces

Especially in the grilling season, we like to refine our food with various sauces. But the fact is: most barbecue sauces are true sugar bombs that lead to tooth discoloration and tooth decay. Sweet and sour barbecue sauces in particular are not recommended, as they damage tooth enamel. Anyone who does not want to do without the delicious sauces should brush their teeth thoroughly after barbecuing and also clean the spaces between the teeth. This is where the thick sauces can hide.


Coffee discolors teeth and creates plaque, which adheres better to dirty teeth. Especially teeth with large pores tend to absorb dirt particles – yellow teeth are the result. For those who do not want to give up coffee, it is recommended to rather rely on iced coffee and drink it with a straw as well. Get into the habit of drinking your coffee without sugar and add a small shot of milk: this neutralizes acids.


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