Cheer up: good posture puts you in a good mood!

Worry can be hard on the stomach, but it is not only the psyche that has an effect on the body, the reverse is also possible.

An upright posture has a strong influence on our mood and memory.


Sorrow and worries?

You would prefer to make yourself small and invisible so as not to take up too much space.

The shoulders and the head hang down powerlessly, the whole posture is miserably bent.

Change of scene: You have just bought this new, incredibly sexy dress that emphasizes your assets so well. Of course, you had to get the right shoes to go with it, and, poof, you’re strutting through the crowds with pride and self-confidence and an unbelievable charisma – easily outshining everyone else.

Anyone who is sad or anxious wishes for this indescribable energy of self-confident people who seem to walk through life with ease and weightlessness. How can one achieve this?

Through hours of sessions with a psychologist?

Also, but there is another way: simply by adopting a self-confident, upright posture. Because psychological problems can not only make the body sick, but the body can also heal the soul.

An upright walk

Sport and exercise can have a similar effect on depression as classic antidepressants.

In a study, psychologist Johannes Michalak and his team investigated how posture affects memory.

The test persons had to walk either bent over and listless or upright and full of energy, while positive and negative terms were read to them.

The results showed something astonishing: those who walked hunched and with drooping shoulders remembered more negative words.

Those who walked confidently and optimistically, on the other hand, were more likely to remember the words “beautiful”, “courageous” and “friendly”.

Laughter makes people happy

In a bad mood? Does everything get on your nerves?

Just try to coax your face into a smile.

It sounds strange and sometimes it’s not that easy, but it has a lot of effects. Studies have shown that facial muscles can influence mood.

So if you smile despite a bad mood, you will soon feel better.

Who knows, maybe the forced laughter will quickly turn into a real one, simply because this exercise makes you feel a little stupid … If that’s the case: wonderful, mission completed!

Just 15 minutes of daily laughter increases the serotonin and dopamine levels in the blood and makes you happier.

Add to that attention to your posture and voilà, you feel better.

Botox for sorrow

Sometimes it’s really hard to laugh.

So in a study, depressives were given Botox to paralyze the frown lines on their foreheads.

Even if the test persons did not burst out laughing, the symptoms of depression were reduced by an astonishing 50 percent!

Therapy with attitude

The effects of psychotherapy could be improved by additionally working on an upright posture and avoiding tension, which can also cause pain.

People who suffer less from headaches are usually automatically more energetic.

In diabetes patients, for example, researchers found that they are more prone to depression – simply because the body is tired and powerless due to faulty blood sugar control.

All these results show that the influence of the body on the psyche can no longer be denied and should be taken into account in therapies – just as, conversely, psychosomatic complaints must receive holistic attention.

Mindfulness meditation is increasingly being included in psychotherapy.

The patient learns to adopt an upright, concentrated posture during meditation and to pay attention to his or her body sensations.

Studies show that just 20 minutes of daily meditation is effective against depression.

The right dance style is important

Recent studies have looked at the influence of different dance styles on patients’ moods.

Different styles were tried out in therapy.

The result: depressed people benefit most from vertical movements.

So if you feel sad, you should hop up and down in a high-spirited way.

With deep-seated anxiety, on the other hand, slower movements from left to right have proven successful.

These swaying movements remind us of our childhood and give us a feeling of security.


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