Hands off. 5 Signs That Your Diet Is Bad

A diet – if done correctly – is supposed to rid us of a few pesky kilos and help us feel better about our bodies. But then there are those that will only make you hungrier, moodier, and even fatter.


Did your last diet end with you sitting on the sofa with an XXL pack of chips and the white chocolate? Don’t worry, it probably wasn’t because of your lack of stamina. It was the diet!

The “Journal of the American Medical Association” found out in the course of a study that the best diet is the one we stick to. So far, so unsurprising. The fact is that many people struggle to find a diet plan that they can stick to. A realistic assessment of what type of diet is right for you is one of the most important points for long-term weight loss success. But how can you find out if a diet is doomed to failure even before you start? If any of these points apply:

1.you are allowed to eat extremely few calories.
Any plan that calls for a maximum daily intake of 1200 calories is not a good idea. Because if you eat too little, you not only lose a lot of muscle, but you also make your body think that it has to provide for even harder times. The result: it builds up fat deposits. Women need about 1200 to 1400 calories per day in order not to suffer from flabbiness and hunger. For men, it is correspondingly more. Here you can calculate your calorie consumption.

2.whole food groups are excluded
Do not think of a polar bear now in any case. And, what do you think of now? Of course, a polar bear. It’s a similar story if you strictly ban yourself from certain foods. As long as you are not allergic to gluten, lactose, and Co., there is no reason to delete these things from your diet. Otherwise, cravings attacks are pre-programmed.

3.the diet does not fit to the life-style
Do you rush from one appointment to another during the week? Then a diet that requires a lot of food preparation is just added stress. That’s why you should always consider your lifestyle when choosing a diet.

4.you must not indulge
A diet that doesn’t allow you to indulge every now and then won’t last you long. Period.

5.you have to eat the same thing every day
Eating only broccoli or potatoes all the time can’t taste good or be fun in the long run. Losing weight and eating a varied diet are not mutually exclusive. If you are bored, you will break your diet more quickly.


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