6 Superfoods That Help You Lose Weight Faster

Sport is only half the battle on the way to your dream figure. It also depends on the right diet. We reveal which superfoods boost your metabolism and help you lose those extra kilos.



Half a grapefruit already boosts fat burning – as figure-conscious people knew back in the eighties. The secret is amines, which increase the energy metabolism. The fat killer unfolds its effect best if you take it after a meal.


Cinnamon can be used not only to bake cookies but also to fight fat deposits. If you eat it regularly, you can reduce the levels of fat and cholesterol in your blood.

3.Matcha Tea

Not only tea fans swear by the toxic green drink from Japan. The special thing about it? In terms of caffeine content, no coffee or green tea can hold a candle to it. Matcha tea therefore quickly revs up the metabolism and reduces fat deposits.

4.Avocado Oil

Researchers at Penn State University found that those who consumed three tablespoons of the oil daily lost two percent of their belly fat after one month. Those who had other oils in their diet did not show this effect.

5.Himalayan Salt

Yes, even the right salt can have an effect on your figure. Nowadays, normal table salt can easily be contaminated by harmful substances, which is why Himalayan salt is the healthier alternative. Since it is a natural product, there is no danger of overconsumption and the electrolyte balance is also regulated by the way.


If you want to lose weight, you should reach for the exotic fruit more often. Because the papaya contains protein and fat-splitting enzymes, which make unpleasant dents in the long run the garage.


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