These Seven Things Are Natural Appetite Suppressants

Who hasn’t experienced this: just when you’re trying to lose a few kilos, food tastes even better and hunger is much greater than ever before.

We provide a remedy and have seven natural appetite suppressants without starving.


1.Drink Plenty Of Water

Water fills the stomach and thus reduces the feeling of hunger.

Also, many people confuse hunger with thirst. Therefore, always make sure you are well hydrated.

2.Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

Running, cycling or an hour on the cross-trainer not only boosts digestion but also curbs your appetite.

Two birds with one stoneā€¦

3.ALWAYS Have Breakfast

If you are going to give up one meal, it should be dinner, but not breakfast.

If you are used to eating in the morning and your body suddenly doesn’t get this meal, you will be much hungrier throughout the day than you would normally be and therefore eat more calories.

4.Plenty Of Protein

Protein is the miracle food that helps you lose weight.

Protein intake gives you more energy and makes you feel fuller for longer. Feel free to eat protein at every meal.

5.Tea Time

A nice cup of tea after lunch, firstly, get you going again and helps keep the cravings for sweets at bay after a meal.

6.No False Excuses

It is important, to be honest with yourself and not snack all the time because you are stressed or the opposite is true and you feel bored.

If you lose track of what you eat, it can help to keep a record of meals and snacks.

7.Fixed Times

Eat at regular times.

If you have frequent food cravings, it is best to spread three large meals over five small ones.


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