Full moon: 6 helpful facts

From time immemorial, mysterious powers have been attributed to the full moon. Did you know, for example, that wolves don’t howl at the moon? Or that it makes your laundry whiter?

Six helpful facts about the magical satellite.


1.wolves don’t care about the full moon

It’s a persistent rumor that’s been around for a long time: Wolves howl at the moon. This is not true! The wolf is a nocturnal animal – it howls to socialize and not to pay homage to the moon. In the past, people mistakenly made a deep connection between wolf howls and the full moon, as both could be seen and heard at night. Especially on clear, moonlit nights, when the trees were bare and the air was very cold, the song of the wolves was carried very far and thus perceived more by people.


The full moon is said to act as a kind of magnifying glass. It makes all existing feelings even clearer. This applies to both good and negative feelings. If you had a crisis or an argument shortly before the full moon, you will perceive this distance and inner dissatisfaction even more strongly. If, on the other hand, your relationship is currently in a happy and satisfied phase, this feeling will also increase. By the way, it is actually the case that most marriage proposals are made during phases of the full moon.

Lose Weight Thanks To The Full Moon?

Unfortunately, the celestial body is absolutely no help in losing weight. On the contrary! It would even be advisable to have a fasting day with fruit, vegetables, and lots of liquids at the full moon. Because around the full moon (one day before and on the day of the full moon itself) it is advisable to eat less, as small sins especially like to make themselves comfortable on the hips during this time.

3.Whiter Laundry

According to an old belief, laundry that dries in the light of the full moon becomes especially white. In fact, the light of the celestial body has a bleaching effect. But caution is advised! If you expose your laundry to moonlight for too long, the natural bleaching process can attack the fibers.

4.Full Moon At Midday

The moon can often be seen in the daytime sky – but it is not a full moon. To see a real full moon, the earth must be exactly between the moon and the sun. The sun then completely illuminates the side of the moon facing the earth. But the sun and the moon are on the exact opposite sides of the earth. That is why the moon rises exactly when the sun sets – and vice versa. When there is a full moon, the moon can be seen in the sky the entire night – provided there are no clouds obstructing the view – but not during the day. Seeing both the full moon and the sun in the sky at the same time is possible near the pole or, under certain conditions, in a short period of time during sunset.

5.Voracious Lions

In East Africa, it is advisable to stay at home on days shortly after the full moon. The risk of being torn to pieces by a lion during this time is particularly high. Scientists at the University of Minnesota have studied the phenomenon in Tanzania on the basis of around 500 attacks by the predators on villagers and found that the celestial body is indirectly involved. They explain the animals’ propensity to attack by the fact that the success of the hunt is related to the light conditions. The less light, the more successful the prey trip. When the moon is waxing, however, the nights are relatively bright, which means that the lions have less success in hunting and therefore become increasingly hungry. On the days after the full moon, the moon does not rise in this area until some time after sunset. Many people are still active then, and ideal hunting conditions are provided for the lions.

6.Favours Gardening

The moon not only influences the tides, but also the flora. Plants can absorb nutrients particularly well during the full moon, and wounds on the trunk grow less well at this time. It is therefore advisable to prune trees and shrubs later. If you want to avoid frequent lawn mowing, you can also follow the lunar calendar. Mown at the full moon, the grass is said to grow back more slowly. Do you believe in the power of medicinal herbs and would like to build up a small supply of your own? Harvest the plants at the full moon. Their active ingredients are strongest at this time.


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