Lose Two Kilos In Three Days With Tomatoes!

You can lose two kilograms over the weekend with the delicious tomato diet. Tomatoes are not only anti-cancer but also fight unwanted fat and cellulite and are perfect for losing weight.


Tomatoes are low in calories and consist mostly of water, so they fill you up quickly. A large amount of potassium reduces water retention and purifies the body. The lycopene they contain also has a preventive effect against cellulite. Whether you choose fresh or dried tomatoes – both are the right choice.

How to lose weight quickly

Make sure you have a healthy breakfast, consisting of yogurt muesli with fruit or wholemeal bread with cheese or ham and tomatoes. For lunch, we recommend a turkey strip or Greek salad with lots of tomatoes and two slices of wholemeal bread. For a snack, you can always go for sweet cherry tomatoes, which are so aromatic that you won’t even think about chocolate. For dinner, you can prepare a tomato omelet with feta cheese. This consists mainly of protein, so you already feel much lighter the next morning.

Vary meals

Meals can vary according to your own taste. While you can have a few carbohydrates with your tomato dishes at lunchtime, you should only eat protein-rich food in the evening and avoid carbohydrates altogether. Whether it’s fish with diced tomatoes and herbs, or a tomato soup with Parmesan cheese – you are free to let your imagination run wild.


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