Unhealthy! These 10 Things You Should No Longer Buy From Today Onwards

Unhealthy! These 10 things you should no longer buy from today onwards
Do you think you eat healthily? We are sure that you still reach for unhealthy foods much more often than you might realize.


We reveal which foods you should cross off your shopping list in the future.

There are foods that simply have no place in your shopping basket because they make you fat or are simply unhealthy! We reveal which things you should stop buying in the future and reveal healthier and more figure-friendly alternatives.


If you’re in the mood for snacks, it’s better to go for salt sticks or popcorn. Chips contain a lot of fat, salt and flavour enhancers.

2.Iced Tea

Like most soft drinks, iced tea contains a lot of sugar and unhealthy sweeteners.

unhealthy sweeteners
. It is better to make your own iced tea: Prepare your favorite type of tea, let it cool down, and refine it with fresh lemon juice and a little honey.

3.Lemon Juice

Buy fresh lemons rather than instant lemon juice – it doesn’t provide any vitamins.


If you think margarine is healthier than butter, you’re wrong: the fat-hardening process typical of margarine production can leave traces of toxic metals such as aluminum or nickel. If it has to be margarine, make sure that the proportion of saturated fatty acids is as low as possible.

5.Packaged Sandwiches

Wrapped sandwiches often contain too much salt, fat, and additives that no one needs. It is better to prepare sandwiches yourself. It doesn’t take much time and is much healthier.

6.Packaged Salad Mixes

Ready-made salad mixes are not only more expensive than homemade salad. They are often not thoroughly washed, and ready-made dressings are real calorie traps.

are real calorie traps

7.Frozen Products

Sure, you don’t always have time to cook. Nevertheless, ready-made products have no place in your shopping trolley. If you are in a hurry, go for frozen vegetables and prepare them yourself instead of using creamy varieties and ready-made gratins, which often contain a lot of additives and fat.

8.Protein Bars

Do you prefer to avoid chocolate and go for the “healthier” protein bars? Then we have bad news for you: protein bars contain industrially processed soy or milk proteins, sugar, sweeteners, trans fats, artificial flavours and sometimes harmful additives. At

ravenous appetite
dark chocolate and nuts are the better choice.

9.Tomato Sauce

Ready-made tomato sauces are full of preservatives and sugar. It is better to use fresh or canned tomatoes and prepare the sauce yourself.


Pina Colada, strawberry daiquiri & co. may be delicious. But cocktails contain a lot of sugar, which, in combination with alcohol, accumulates in the body as fat. Treat yourself to a glass of red wine instead. Caution:

These are the biggest fatteners among alcoholic drinks


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