These Six Foods Stop Hunger And Help You Lose Weight

You’ve already eaten but you’re still hungry? We have the solution because these six foods stop hunger and create a feeling of fullness that lasts. Because you don’t have to starve yourself to be slim.


There may be no miracle pill to lose weight, but there are natural ways to stop hunger. Dietician Julie Upton knows this too. She recently presented her research findings and lists six foods to curb hunger.


This healthy fruit contains fiber that fills the stomach. In addition, apples contain a certain fruit acid that boosts the body’s fat-burning process. It is important to eat the peel as well, as it contains a lot of filling substances.


Beans contain a lot of fiber. But they also contain a lot of protein, which has a positive effect on digestion.


Eggs are especially recommended for breakfast. The first meal of the day should be very high in protein, and research has also shown that eggs curb appetite throughout the day. Subjects ate up to 400 calories less throughout the day when they had eggs for breakfast.

4.Greek Yoghurt

A study has found that people who eat Greek yogurt frequently tend to be less overweight. Researchers think it’s from the mix of calcium, protein, and probiotics that is in Greek yogurt.


The stone fruit helps reduce body fat and control blood sugar levels.


Although nuts are generally very high in calories, they support the diet in small quantities. This is because pistachios keep you full for a long time. Researchers recommend buying pistachios that have to be shelled first. The shells provide a good visual guide to the amount eaten.


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