Put An End To Hunger: 10 Ingenious Foods That Keep You Full For A Long Time

The meal was just two hours ago, but your stomach is already growling loud and clear again? Especially during a diet, hunger is the biggest enemy. With these figure-friendly foods, you stay full longer from now on.


1.Resin Cheese

As a refinement for the salad or snack in between, with just 125 calories per serving, the Harzer cheese is good satiation, which is not as calorie-rich as other cheese varieties!


According to an Australian study, potatoes are the food that keeps you full the longest! With them, the satiety effect lasts up to three times longer than with white bread. 100 grams have about 70 calories and are in combination with a little sour cream or yogurt an ideal meal for figure-conscious people.


Oatmeal contains a lot of fiber, which the body can use for a long time. However, this does not mean that every ready-made cereal is a good breakfast. Because many products contain a lot of sugar, which in turn makes you hungry quickly and fat in the long run. Therefore, you should mix your own muesli or eat the pure oatmeal with fruit and yogurt.


If you have a long day ahead of you, you should eat a dish with legumes. Lentils, beans and dried peas contain large amounts of fiber and lots of protein.

5.Wholemeal Bread

If you don’t feel like oatmeal in the morning, you should reach for whole-grain bread instead of bread rolls. Because pastries from white flour do not make unfortunately long full. Who still takes cottage cheese, cheese, or ham as a topping has done everything right.


Although an avocado contains a lot of fat, it is anything but a fattener because these fatty acids are healthy. A California study proved that women who ate half an avocado a day with their lunch were up to 24 percent less likely to crave an afternoon snack.


For many, soup is only considered an appetizer, however, it is great satiation due to its high water content. Combined with potatoes and lots of vegetables, you can safely eat it as a main course.


If you eat sauerkraut, you will notice a feeling of satiety especially quickly. Because it is rich in protein and fiber, and also contains many vitamins.

9.Lean Curd

As far as the satiety effect among dairy products is concerned, skimmed curd is almost unbeatable. Since it contains little fat, it is an ideal breakfast for those who want to lose a few kilos. Extra tip: Mix in some blueberries, as they contain a lot of fiber, and add a little sweetness to the curd.


Studies have shown that those who eat eggs in the morning eat fewer calories throughout the day. This is because the protein bomb saves you from sudden hunger attacks.


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