Detox now! Basic fasting in 8 steps

The over-acidification of our body makes our well-being dwindle and makes us susceptible to various diseases. However, it can be neutralized with a
with an abundance of natural healing practices.


The human body is in many ways comparable to our ecosystem. It, too, is exposed to countless stresses every day that contribute to its pollution and impair its functioning: from exhaust fumes and fine dust in the air to pesticide residues and heavy metals in fruits and vegetables to chemical substances in cosmetics. Frequent, prolonged periods of stress, an unhealthy diet or a permanent lack of exercise further aggravate the situation. The result is a gradual over-acidification of the organism, which can lead to unpleasant civilization diseases such as allergies, intestinal disorders, skin complaints or persistent states of exhaustion. Acid excess. Responsible for this is an out-of-balance acid and base balance, which ultimately leads to a flooding of the intercellular tissue with waste products and acids as well as an overload of the body’s own detoxification organs. As a result, the body loses the valuable ability to cleanse itself and to supply the cells with urgently needed nutrients, which also affects our appearance, as the appearance of cellulite, hair loss or brittle fingernails is also promoted.

Body cleansing
Fortunately, however, there is a colorful range of cures that rid the cells of all debris and restore our well-being. A one to two week alkaline fast, for example, allows the digestive system to regenerate without giving up solid food. Its focus is on a plant-based, nutrient-rich and alkaline diet in combination with wellness treatments and relaxation exercises. In alternative medicine, holistic liver cleanses with the help of bitter substances or oil pulling, a morning “gargle” with a tablespoon of high-quality oil (coconut oil, sunflower oil, etc.) for 20 minutes, have proven themselves in turn. The daily dose of exercise in the fresh air also stimulates the immune system and all metabolic processes, and therefore forms the perfect accompaniment to any detoxification procedure.

Healing herbs
Finally, it is worth taking a look at nature’s medicine cabinet, which is full to bursting with numerous herbs that have a detoxifying effect: For example, the milk thistle is considered liver-strengthening, choleretic and germicidal, the field pansy as blood-purifying and skin-improving or apple cider vinegar as detoxifying, blood sugar-regulating and immune-strengthening.

8 tips for basic fasting
Duration: 7-14 days
Compose a menu of alkaline foods such as fruits, vegetables, salads or cold-pressed oils
Avoid acid-forming foods such as alcohol, animal products, white flour, sugar and convenience foods.
Prepare all foods gently and pay attention to fresh or raw foods
Drink 2-3 liters of still water and herbal tea daily
Alkaline baths, saunas or liver compresses support the deacidification process.
Schedule moderate daily exercise (e.g. walks, yoga or Pilates)
Autogenic training, mindfulness exercises or meditation free you from mental ballast.


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