When the weight stops: 5 possible reasons why you’re not losing weight.

You seem to be doing everything right to finally lose weight and yet the pointer on the scale won’t budge. Because the most inconspicuous things can prevent our body from losing fat. Five possible reasons why you’re not losing weight.


1.you are not consistent

Just because you’ve been in the gym for a week doesn’t mean the scales will suddenly go down. The main thing here is to stay on the ball – both with exercise and with eating. Gaining weight is quicker than you think, but losing weight takes longer. Only those who stick to their guns will see results.

2.you eat more sugar than you think

Without knowing it, you may be eating more sugar than you realise. Light foods in particular contain more sugar than “normal” foods, which manufacturers use to compensate for the loss of taste due to the lack of fat. Our tip: Always read the ingredients on the back of the packaging carefully! From seemingly healthy muesli to ready-made meals – sugar traps lurk everywhere.

3.you sleep too little

Your Sleep is not only important for your body to regenerate and regain its strength. Studies have shown that a lack of sleep can lead to weight gain. Short sleepers are hungrier and lose two-thirds less fat than those who sleep normally. That’s why you should make sure you get seven to eight hours of sleep.

4.you eat more than you think

A piece of chocolate here in front of the PC, a pack of nuts there while watching your favorite TV series – you often consume more

than you realise. That’s why you should enjoy every meal consciously and not eat on the go or at work. This way you don’t run the risk of overeating. 5.

5.you only concentrate on a sport

You’ve worked yourself to the bone on the cross trainer in the afternoon and are having pizza in the evening? Unfortunately, exercise alone won’t help you lose weight if you don’t eat the right foods. Because during your sports program you usually burn far fewer calories than you think. Almost every pizza has over 800 calories, but after half an hour of jogging, you have only burned about 300 calories. Only the combination of the right nutrition plan and regular exercise will lead to lasting success.


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