Health check-up: When Which Examination?

The planner for health: So that you don’t miss any important examinations, you can recognize ailments in time and better counteract civilization diseases and signs of wear and tear.

Once a year
Vaccinations: Do you need a booster? Or are additional vaccinations (e.g. against influenza) advisable? It is best to have your vaccination record checked by your family doctor right at the beginning of the new year and to find out about any special days or weeks when vaccines are cheaper than usual at the pharmacy.

Blood test: From the age of 35 at the latest, a blood count should be taken once a year and a urine test carried out. Organic or cardiovascular diseases can be detected at an early stage and thus treated more easily.

Gynaecologist: As part of the routine examination, the breast is checked for lumps and the cervix is examined.

Urologist: From the age of 45, men should have their prostate examined once a year.

Bowel examination: From the age of 50, the stool should be checked regularly for hidden ailments.

Twice A Year

Teeth cleaning: Attacked teeth or chronically inflamed gums can weaken the immune system and endanger heart health. Professional oral hygiene frees the gum pockets from disease-causing germs and deposits.

Measure blood pressure: High blood pressure increases the risk of stroke and heart attack. Regular checks by a doctor or pharmacist are helpful in counteracting possible secondary diseases in good time.

Every Two Years

Eye check: Especially those who spend a lot of time in front of a screen due to their job should have an eye check every two years.

Dermatologist: Those who are not hereditarily predisposed should have their moles and liver spots carefully examined at least every two years.

Mammography: recommended for women over 50 at two-year intervals.

Every ten years

Colonoscopy: For early detection of possible diseases and conditions, this should be done from the age of 55.


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