5 Ways To More Beautiful Teeth

Beautiful, healthy and bright white teeth complete the appearance of a person. The way there is easier than you think and with small targeted rituals and measures not an unrealizable dream.


Whether in the search for a partner or in professional life: Beautiful, well-groomed teeth are considered to be one of the strongest indicators of vitality, attractiveness and success, along with the appearance of the skin. This is confirmed by surveys conducted in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. More than 95 percent still consider beautiful teeth to be very important. Almost half of those surveyed are prepared to invest specifically in their teeth.

Spectrum of treatments
The spectrum of treatments that ensure an even bite, attractive, natural whiteness and lasting dental health is wide and ranges from inexpensive to exclusive. Learn how to get the most out of the appearance of your teeth in five steps.

1.Proper Nutrition

Increasing your focus on foods that naturally whiten teeth and keep them healthy is a great first step in the right direction. While sweetened sodas, coffee, black tea, or sweets increase the discoloration of teeth and their spaces, fresh fruits and vegetables, water, dairy products, pasta, rice, or potatoes are considered natural whiteners. To keep especially narrow interdental spaces white, regular consumption of pineapple, strawberries, celery, or carrots has proven to be effective.

2.Proper Care

At least as important as brushing your teeth every day is the question of how. Brush for three minutes in the morning and three minutes in the evening – and don’t forget to gently massage the gums. This can be done more effectively with an electric toothbrush, especially if you tend to have crowded teeth. Bacterial foci that can lead to chronic inflammation and, in the worst case, premature tooth loss, don’t stand a chance. Cleaning the tongue also promotes a clean mouth and pleasant breath. The brush should be renewed every two months, especially if thorough daily dental care is required.

3 tips with a great effect:

Toothpastes and mouthwashes containing fluoride support thorough cleaning.
If you also brush regularly with sage tea, you will have permanently whiter teeth.
Daily for ten minutes olive, lemongrass or coconut oil between the teeth pulled through, binds residues in the oral cavity. Simply spit out the oil after use and brush again.
When is also crucial. You should always clean your teeth after consuming sweets. After eating acidic foods such as coffee, fruit or wine, on the other hand, it is advisable to wait half an hour to protect the tooth enamel.

correct treatment

In the meantime, effective aesthetic-cosmetic treatments that correct malocclusions in the anterior region at low cost in an average of four to seven months are also gaining ground in Austria. Based on a dental X-ray and a 3D scan, individual dental splints are fitted, which promptly produce the desired straightening and thus significantly improve the appearance.

4.Correct Aids

Even though chewing gums should not be chewed too frequently and for too long to protect the jaw joints, they are a good stopgap to neutralize the acidity in the oral cavity especially when you have no other way to clean your teeth after eating. Waxed floss, which also comes in refreshing flavors, gives a lingering cleaning sensation.

5.Proper Preventive Care

Regular visits to the dentist at least once a year are essential, and professional oral hygiene twice a year is ideal. A pleasant side effect of thorough cleaning: The teeth look much more well-groomed and whiter. The effect lasts – depending on your own dental care – between one and three months.


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