The Most Popular Fitness Trends Of 2021

The Corona pandemic will continue to affect many areas of our daily lives this year. We show you what changes it is triggering in the fitness sector and what new developments can be observed in the same.


The Corona pandemic and its side effects will most likely continue to affect our daily lives for a long time in 2021 and will have a decisive influence on our efforts to stay fit and healthy, among other things. We have therefore inquired for you about this year’s health trends with and without Corona reference.

High-Tech at Home

Keeping one’s body in shape and thus able to perform and resist is a higher priority for many people than ever before. However, as gyms are among the first facilities to close their doors in the wake of a lockdown, training is increasingly shifting to the home. And so the range of fitness videos, online tutorials, and apps like Freeletics, which use artificial intelligence to put together a customized training program for each user and even monitor it, will continue to grow. The Peloton bike, a spinning bike that enables networking and joint training with like-minded people all over the world, is also becoming increasingly popular.

Mental Training

In the New Year, however, our fitness routine will not only be given a digital modernization boost, but also an almost spiritual dimension. A steadily growing number of fitness fans understand a successful workout to be a comprehensive connection of body, mind, and soul, combining physical training with mental relaxation. Practices such as yoga, Pilates, or mental training, which were already highly popular before Corona, will thus become even more important, which is likely to be due not only to increasingly intense professional stress but also to strenuous distance learning with the offspring as well as financial or health-related fears.

Holistically Healthy

The former strict boundary between muscle-building indoor training and more health-oriented outdoor activities is also beginning to dissolve, which can be attributed to both the Corona virus and a new understanding of fitness. On the one hand, outdoor training goes hand in hand with a significantly reduced risk of infection; on the other hand, more and more fitness fans are aiming for a holistic ideal of health and also want to strengthen their immune system, for example. Therefore, even passionate strength trainers should jog through the forest more often in the future, do gymnastics in nature or move their dumbbell training outdoors.

Conscious nutrition

Last but not least, the trend towards a conscious diet, which benefits both our well-being and our attractiveness, continues. In particular, the temporary renunciation or permanent reduction of the consumption of meat and animal products is being practised more and more often in this context, which benefits not only our health via a minimised ecological footprint, but also the environment.


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