Lose Weight Overnight: 5 Dehydrating Foods

Water retention is fluid in our body that accumulates in the spaces between our cells and causes unsightly spots on thighs, legs, buttocks, and the like. With these foods, you can fight the problem zones.

If the water in our body is not transported from the tissues into the circulation, it gets stuck in the intercellular spaces. The result: water retention in the wrong places. However, with exercise and the right diet, these problem areas can be successfully treated.

These dehydrating foods help you lose weight:


The green vegetable consists of 88 percent water and is considered one of the most valuable sources of vitamins and minerals such as iron or potassium. Especially the latter ingredient has dehydrating properties. Due to its extremely low-calorie content, celery can be consumed in large quantities.


The fruit vegetable contains important ingredients such as vitamins, iron, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, and antioxidants. Because of their high potassium content, tomatoes have a particularly dehydrating effect.


Artichokes have digestive as well as diuretic properties. The reason: cynarin, a natural substance that occurs in many plants. It is responsible for the bitter taste. To best develop their beneficial properties, artichokes should be eaten raw or cooked and seasoned with oil and lemon.


The yellow citrus fruit is not only refreshing but also antiseptic and draining. A glass of lemon water (lukewarm) in the morning or throughout the day is the most natural detox drink.


Because of their high water content – around 92 percent – watermelons are perfect for fighting fluid retention. Especially in summer, there is hardly a more refreshing fruit.


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