These 10 foods last longer than expected

The best-before date indicates the minimum shelf life of a product. Please note the word “at least”. Because many foods are still edible far, far beyond the best before date – it would be a shame to throw them away.


A whole 1.3 billion tons of food are thrown away in Austria every year. Every single one of us throws 300 kilos of food into the garbage every year. But that would not always be necessary. Okay, if mold has turned fresh strawberries into a hairy slush, then there’s no discussion, but many products we simply throw away because the best-before date tells us to. However, it would be better to pay less attention to this little date and instead trust your own nose more. Does it still smell good? Does it still look good? Well then, into the pot instead of the garbage can! Here are some foods that last much longer than you might think.


Even if the egg has expired according to the best before date, it can still be safely eaten for a few weeks. However, it is better, not raw, but well cooked. If you are unsure, you can also perform the water test: If the egg floats to the bottom, it is edible, but if it floats and rises, it is better to leave it alone.


Who has ever caught fermented milk, knows how it smells and looks … Here you can really trust your own senses and ignore the expiration date. Usually fresh milk lasts a few days longer and yes, if you get such a sour smell, then it is definitely time to dispose of the package.

3.Cheese And Sausage

Even with cheese and sausage, you do not have to meticulously observe the date indicated. Usually, these products last a few days longer. It is best to store them in a cool place and repack them in a keep-fresh box. The harder the cheese, the longer it lasts, by the way.


Tofu is – in unopened condition – much longer durable than indicated, several months after the expiration of the MHD it can still be used!

5.Flour, Noodles, Rice and Co.

Now it’s all about what goes into the food. The best-before date can be exceeded here confidently by several months. The prerequisite for this, however, is that the products have been stored in a dry place. Especially with flour, you should also make sure that no food moths or mealworms settle in.


Unopened jam is usually several months longer than indicated. If the jar is opened, the shelf life depends greatly on the amount of sugar used: The more sugar used, the longer it will keep.


Does bread have an expiration date? Yes, but only if it is packaged and sliced, the fresh loaf of bread from the bakery, on the other hand, has no MHD. But even sliced bread usually lasts longer than indicated on the package.


Nuts can usually be enjoyed several months after the best-before date. However, if you bite into a nut and notice a rancid taste (and this taste is registered very quickly, don’t worry!) you should dispose of the package.


Even though some may find it hard to believe, yes, there is an expiration date on beer as well, and juice can expire as well. However, if you store the bottles in a cool place, you can still enjoy them months later.

10.Salt And Sugar?

From a legal point of view, there should be no MHD on salt and sugar packages. These two products have an almost unlimited shelf life.


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