The 5 Best Tips Against Ravenous Appetite

A vanilla wafer here, a gingerbread there – the Advent season is a time of many sweet temptations. And once you’ve started, you’ve already eaten your entire plate of cookies. But there are a few tricks to avoid cravings.


Cravings are directly related to blood sugar levels. If this rises rapidly, for example due to sugary foods, it also falls again correspondingly quickly. As a result, the body craves more and more sweets to drive blood sugar levels up again. This in turn rises rapidly and falls again just as quickly, and the game starts all over again. However, there are some good strategies for getting through the Christmas season without excess pounds.

1.morning, noon, evening

The fight against ravenous appetite begins already in the early morning: A healthy breakfast gives energy, and who starts in such a way swingingly into the day, is already once in the best way prepared against ravenous appetite attacks. It is advisable to divide your meals into breakfast, lunch and dinner and to give your body breaks in between. This not only helps to keep the insulin level constant and thus avoid cravings, but at the same time you avoid unconsciously stuffing yourself with chocolate and the like. If it must be something sweet, then please with pleasure and completely consciously – directly after the lunch a small Nascherei is thus no problem. If you treat yourself to your favorite cookie after a balanced meal, your blood sugar level won’t rise as much as it would if you only ate sugary foods. The reason for this is the fiber contained in the meal. If you can’t get through the afternoon without snacks, you should reach for healthy foods – they fill you up longer and are also full of valuable nutrients.

2.Bring on the Fiber!

Dietary fiber is a wonderful way to counteract cravings. This starts with breakfast: It’s better to forgo the bread with jam and instead reach for healthy whole-grain muesli and fresh fruit. White flour products mainly contain empty calories and hardly any nutrients, but the blood sugar level reacts sensitively to them and shoots up – and soon you urgently need a snack again. Whole-grain products, on the other hand, cause the blood sugar level to rise only slowly and to fall again just as slowly. So it’s easy to get through a break between meals and still feel full of energy. Valuable dietary fiber is found primarily in whole-grain products and vegetables, but certain types of fruit – such as apples – are also highly recommended.

3.drink, drink, drink

Sufficient fluids are important for the body – and we’re not talking about sweet soft drinks here. Water is the best medicine, but also a nice cup of tea helps against the appetite for the next cookie. The taste of peppermint, for example, makes the craving for sweets disappear, and a cup of green tea gives you new energy. By the way, thirsty people often mistake this feeling for hunger. If your stomach is rumbling, you should first try a glass of water – but if you are still hungry, you should then eat a healthy meal.

4.Exercise Brings it

Sufficient exercise is not only important for a good figure, but also for the psyche. A bit of exercise, preferably in the fresh air, clears the mind and helps combat stress. If you can recharge your batteries in this way, you’ll find it easier to cope with your job and everyday life, and you won’t give your ravenous appetite a chance. But getting enough sleep is just as important as an exercise: people who sleep too little release more of the hormone ghrelin, which stimulates the appetite.

5.No bans

Last but not least: bans are useless! If you are determined not to eat anything during Advent and only one cookie on Christmas Eve, don’t be surprised if this plan doesn’t work. Prohibitions only make sweets more appealing. The result: you struggle through Advent and try to resist all the sweet temptations. But if you eat a cookie, you quickly think, “It doesn’t matter anymore” – and in no time at all, one cookie has become the contents of the entire cookie jar. So it’s better to treat yourself now and then with pleasure and joy!


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