The 5 Biggest Misconceptions About Diets

Lent is just around the corner – but if you want to satisfy your desire for more lightness, you should follow some important tips. Fasting is not the same as (healthy) weight loss.


Eat little for a few days, get slim and stay slim? No, unfortunately that does not work. Who forces a (radical) fasting cure on its body, does not lose fat cells, but lets the muscle mass melt. With a zero diet, which is kept over a longer period, also the heart muscle is not spared, which can be life-threatening. Losing weight is possible only with a change in diet and exercise. After all, the body needs the nutrients to function at all.

1.Too Much Sport

Exercise is good, but here too: the measure is the goal. Those who are currently undergoing a fasting cure – agreed with their doctor – should not expect too much of themselves and their bodies. If the supply with nutrients is reduced and the body needs already in the everyday life much energy, one will overtax it with too much sport. Besides radical (nourishing) conversions mean always pure stress for us – chamfering times should be arranged therefore rather relaxing.


Whether you are fasting to get rid of a few excess kilos or to give your body a spring clean – the so-called breaking of the fast should not be too lavish, despite all the cravings for hearty and sweet foods. On the one hand the digestion must become accustomed after the renouncement only again to the many food and come into swing – that goes only gradually. On the other hand, the danger of the so-called yo-yo effect is very great, because the body has remembered the “hunger period” and now builds up even more reserves.

3.No Dinner

If you eat in the evening, you will get fat. Not quite true. It depends on how much you stuffed into yourself during the day and (more importantly) what you serve for dinner. Classic whole-grain breads with spreads made from dairy products, fresh vegetables or legumes actually stimulate fat burning. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t eat too much just before going to bed. The body needs about three to four hours for digestion. If you eat too late, you could have a sleepless night ahead of you.

4.Without Breakfast

According to research, those who leave the house without “the most important meal of the day” are more likely to be attacked by cravings for junk food because the body lacks important energy reserves. By eating breakfast, you replenish them and stay slim because cravings for snacks don’t arise.

5.Sweat Out

Losing weight with regular visits to the sauna – it sounds way too easy to be true, and it is. When you sweat, your body loses fluid, but the heat doesn’t melt fat cells. However, taking a sauna gives your metabolism an extra kick, which has a positive effect on your diet.


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