Risky indulgence: These 10 foods can be deadly


From the exotic akee to the seemingly harmless bitter almond, these ten foods should be eaten with caution, because eating them can lead not only to nausea and abdominal pain but even death!


Only the fleshy seed coat of Jamaica’s national fruit is edible. However, if you just bite into it and thus also eat the shell and the seeds, you can fall into a coma and even die from it.

2.Puffer Fish

It is one of the absolute delicacies in Japan, but it also carries a certain risk. This is because the liver, ovaries, and intestines of the “fungus” contain the poison tetrodotoxin. A single fish can kill up to 30 people with the poison it contains. For this reason, chefs must undergo several days of training before they are allowed to serve the pufferfish to their guests.


In almost every kitchen, nutmeg can be found in grated form. However, the popular spice becomes a real ordeal once 4 grams are consumed: hallucinations, nausea, and unconsciousness are the results. In children, swallowing a single nutmeg can lead to death.

4.Nomura Jellyfish

The Nomura jellyfish pickled in sesame oil is considered a delicacy in China. It contains poisonous pearls that are lethal if not removed.

5.Bitter Almonds

In the cooked version they are perfectly harmless, but in the raw state, the components turn into poisonous prussic acid in the stomach. Adults would have to eat 40-60 of them to die from them.

6.San Nak ji

This octopus is eaten alive in Korea and Japan. Because the tentacles often attach themselves to the throat when swallowed, several people suffocate from it every year.

7.Green Beans

Actually, green beans are very healthy and completely harmless. However, only in the cooked version, because raw about 6 beans can already have fatal consequences in children. This is because they contain the toxin phasin, which leads to gastric bleeding.


Every year people die because they picked the wrong mushroom in the forest. For example, the tuberous-leaf mushroom looks very similar to the mushroom, but it is highly poisonous. Just one piece of it is enough to poison yourself.

9.Giant Bullfrog

The skin and organs of this frog are so poisonous that they can cause death. Most of the time, people die of kidney failure. Nevertheless, it is very popular to eat, especially in South Africa.

10.Cassava Tubers

This tuber contains highly toxic cyanide, which is why it can have devastating consequences if prepared incorrectly. It must be either processed into flour, heated or fermented.
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