Detox in everyday life: 5 tips that make it work

The party season is over – now it’s time to give your body a spring clean. Our five tips are easy to integrate into every day (work) life.

Alcohol, sweets and hearty food have accompanied us in recent months. So that our body can recover now from the strains of the unhealthy nutrition and start well freshly, something more attentiveness is required. But don’t worry, no elaborate diets are necessary for this. Just a few changes can work wonders.


Nothing flushes toxins from our bodies faster and healthier than water. Already with a glass after getting up you crank up the metabolism properly. If you can bring it over your lips in the morning, you can also spice up the water with a dash of salt. This mix regulates blood sugar levels and strengthens the immune system. Enhanced with basil, lemon and cucumber slices, the low-calorie drink is also ideal as a thirst quencher.


Lent is just around the corner, but you don’t have to give up meat for 40 days to give your body a fresh start. Set a vegan week, renounce thereby all animal products, and set on vegetable, leguminous plants, nuts, and fruit. Your body will thank you.

3.It Greens

Broccoli, asparagus, and spinach – any green vegetable is a vitamin bomb that also provides the body with many important minerals and antioxidants. Steamed or as a smoothie, these fruits unfold their full effect.


You don’t have to exhaust yourself, and often you simply don’t have the time for elaborate fitness programs. But even a daily walk (about 20 minutes) keeps the cardiovascular system going. Not only does it help the body, but also the mind, because you can process the day better and switch off in the fresh air.


You can sweat the toxins out of your body in a relaxed way in the sauna. A subsequent massage additionally purifies. No time for a sauna? No problem: simply take a hot bath, massage your skin with a brush, or treat yourself to a full-body peeling. Important: shower off well afterward, because the toxins settle on the surface of the skin.


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