The 5 Best Tricks Against Cold Feet In Winter

Brrr … Winter brings not only snow, tea, and cookies, but also ice feet. This is anything but pleasant. Fortunately, there are some good tricks that help.


Cold feet are really unpleasant, but have an important reason: If it gets colder, our organism wants to supply especially the vital organs with heat. In order to achieve this, the blood supply to the feet and hands is restricted by constricting the vessels. But we can help our body with a few tricks so that it doesn’t have to come to that.

1.Dry shoes

Dry feet are good feet! If you wear leaky shoes and thus quickly get wet feet, you put even more stress on your body. Due to the moisture, even the last bit of warmth is extracted from the feet and ice feet are pre-programmed.

2.Warm socks

It helps nothing, in winter grandma’s knitted socks are the best choice. If you are lucky, you even own a stylish pair. A too-tight waistband that squeezes the blood vessels, even more, should be avoided. What also helps and if the knit socks are too scratchy on the skin: Simply put on two pairs of socks on top of each other and your feet are snugly wrapped.

3. An active life

Feet want action! Exercise is good for the whole body in winter and promotes blood circulation. But you don’t have to go to the gym every day, even a little foot exercise can help with cold limbs. There are many exercises: Standing on tiptoe, bobbing your feet up and down, or circling your feet while sitting. If you have a knobby ball at hand, you should bring it to your foot: The gentle massage stimulates circulation and warms.

4.Foot Baths

A foot bath is not only relaxing, the essential oils used can revive cold feet. Lavender or rosemary oil, for example, is particularly recommended. But also mountain pine is very suitable and fits perfectly to the cold season. If you want to rely on home remedies, you can add pepper or ginger to the bathwater and thus naturally improve your circulation.

5.Spices For The Right Pep

Great news: you can also eat and drink warm. The right spices help with this. Chili peppers add the right spiciness to food and really heat things up, and not just your feet. Ginger, cinnamon and cloves also warm you up from the inside. Who now immediately thinks joyfully of spicy mulled wine, was unfortunately too hasty: Alcohol does not warm, on the contrary. By dilating the blood vessels, the body only cools down faster.


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