5 Tips For a Stress-Free Life


Stress should not rule your life. We’ve collected a few feel-good tips to help you escape the hustle and bustle and keep your body & mind healthy.

1.Identify your stressors and try to avoid them. In your professional life, this will hardly be possible, but you still need to learn to say no when things get too much for you. Here are more tips to help you deal with stress on the job better. By the way, these are the typical signals that stress is getting too much for you.

2.Lower your expectations: If things are going haywire at work, there’s no need to make the household shine, fill every weekend with outdoor activities, and have a 5-course meal on the table in the evening.

3.Recharge your batteries: If your body is well-nourished, (short-term) stressful situations won’t affect it. Consume plenty of fruits and vegetables, because vitamins and trace elements are important weapons in the fight against stress and associated mood swings. Don’t forget: Drink plenty of water! Need more nerve food? These 10 foods help with stress

4.Let loose: biking, going to the movies, drinking tea, cooking & baking, reading a book, lying on the couch watching TV, or listening to music – whatever makes you happy takes the stress off your shoulders. Try to get away from the hustle and bustle at least once a week and do exactly what your soul is hungry for.

5.Laugh: Force yourself to laugh – and your mood will automatically improve. Scientists have proven that even artificial laughter leads to the release of happy hormones. Here are 9 reasons to laugh.


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