7 Tips That Will Help You Stick To Your Diet

Dieting is literally no walk in the park. As quickly as the excess kilos are up, it usually takes twice as long to get rid of them. With our seven tips, however, you will keep your diet through.

We know that diets are actually no fun and can be quite hard. Sticking strictly to a diet plan and a sports program requires a lot of discipline and strength. Sweets, pizza & co. are taboo, and the cozy place on the couch is exchanged for running shoes. To make losing weight a little easier, we reveal the seven best tips and tricks for keeping it up.

1.Eat Enough Nutrients

You’re starving all day to lose two to three kilos as quickly as possible, and suddenly it comes ravenous hunger. Whenever our body is not sufficiently supplied with micronutrients, it develops. Therefore, make your meals varied. Instead of a greasy burger, prepare a quinoa salad with steamed vegetables, chickpeas, and pumpkin seeds. The effect: You stay full longer, although you eat fewer calories. If it should be a burger, after all, you can trick: Swap the wheat bun for veggie pattie and avocado or portobello mushrooms. Add a few lettuce leaves. Done is the healthy burger.

2.Eat Enough Protein

The macronutrient protein is real satiation and ensures that our muscle mass is maintained or can grow. In combination with sports, this is very important. Remember: more muscle mass means more calories burned even when the body is at rest. Eating too little is counterproductive and you will continue to lose muscle.

3.Take Your Time

Numerous studies show that you tend to gain more weight if you eat in front of the TV or are busy with your smartphone during the meal. Focus on your meal, eat consciously, and in control. Then the feeling of satiety will set in sooner. Allow your body and your digestion to relax and rest. Time is gold.


Plan your meals. The weekend is the best time to prepare for the coming week and think about what you want to eat on which day. The advantage of this is that you can go shopping specifically and divide your meals properly. After a long day at work, it’s handy to already have a ready-made dinner on the table and not have to run to the nearest supermarket before cooking. You’ll keep good track of your calorie intake. A food diary can also be helpful.

5.Treat Yourself To a Reward

Not everything is off-limits. Once a week, a culinary sin is allowed – a small reward for your discipline. Either meet friends for dinner at your favorite restaurant or cook yourself a delicious pasta, order pizza, or treat yourself to ice cream. Note: Only focus on one meal and don’t overeat.

6.Stop Sweets

Chips, chocolate, and gummy bears smile at you and you just can’t resist? Get out of the way of sweets. It’s best to get rid of everything from your pantry, otherwise, you might go weak during cravings. When shopping, it’s better to give the appropriate shelves and aisles a wide berth as well.

7.Goal Setting

Do you want to lose five kilos? Are you working on a six-pack? Set yourself a goal. Make a concrete plan and monitor your progress. Regular photos can help you record your first successes and increase your motivation!

Healthy Weight Loss: Tips And Tricks

To avoid the yo-yo effect, it is best to change your diet in the long term and make exercise part of your routine. You may even lose weight more slowly this way, but in the end, you will maintain your desired weight longer and get used to a healthy, active lifestyle. Calculate your individual calorie requirements and build in a small deficit depending on your starting weight and goal – in other words, reduce the number of calories you eat every day.


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