These 9 warning signs of diabetes should be monitored before it’s too late!

Diabetes is unfortunately a very common, chronic, and irreversible disease. There is no cure, but it can be monitored and treated. Its origin comes from a lack or failure to use insulin.

This hormone is generated by the pancreas, which is the organ located in the abdomen.

Its function is to allow the circulation of sugar, or glucose, in the different cells of the body and thus gives energy.

When the body lacks insulin, in the case of diabetes, glucose loses its function as a fuel and is stored in the bloodstream, causing a large increase in sugar, which is called hyperglycemia. This leads to many complications that are difficult to treat.

But diabetes can be prevented with these 9 warning signs.

1.You are always thirsty

Since the kidneys are no longer able to manage the excess sugar, an insatiable thirst is then observed. With a need to urinate very regularly. The average number of times a day is 7 times a day. So if you go more than 10 times, it is important to worry and go to the doctor.

2.Blurred vision with or without black spots.

If you find that your vision has changed and you see more blurry than usual, this may be a warning sign of diabetes. Too much sugar in the blood makes the lens of your eye swell and distort your vision. It is important to see a doctor as soon as possible to avoid losing your vision.

3.Significant weight loss for no particular reason

If you are losing weight fairly quickly and you have not eaten more than usual and have not cut back on your exercise habits, this may be a warning sign of type 1 diabetes. Talk to your doctor right away.

4.You are still hungry

Because your body does not make enough insulin, it is impossible for your body to turn food into glucose. As a result, people with diabetes quickly develop excessive hunger. Discuss this with your doctor right away.

5.You are tired all the time

This abnormal fatigue can be explained by a high level of kidney activity and a de facto decrease in energy. If one of the four symptoms listed above accompanies your decreased energy, discuss it with your doctor without delay.

6.You notice the appearance of bluish patches.

Very often, these so-called brown spots begin to appear on the neck, elbows, fingers, armpits without warning and for no apparent reason. Diabetes points its nose, discuss this with your doctor without delay.

7.You heal and scar poorly heal wounds

Poor blood circulation is the main cause of this immune deficiency in your body, which takes much longer to heal and heal your wounds and sores. If you find that your cuts or other injuries are taking a long time to heal or even disappear, discuss this with your doctor without delay.

8.You are suffering from severe itching.

Because of your insulin deficiency and too much sugar, the patient’s skin becomes drier and irritation and itching are unfortunately the logical consequence. Fungal infections are also often common in diabetes. Discuss this with your doctor without delay.

9.Some of your limbs are often numb

Most of the time, the premise of diabetes involves tingling and numbness in the hands and feet. These are the areas most affected since they are the extremities away from the heart. Discuss this with your doctor right away.


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