5 Non-Glam Tips To Combat Your Little Body Nuisances


Who has never been afraid to put on their beautiful light blue jeans shirt for fear of having a halo under their armpit or a huge boil pointing at the tip of their nose on their forehead? As you can’t naturally fight against these little bodily annoyances, here are 5 tips to help you minimize the damage, or even mask it with a few simple but effective tricks!

1.Bad breath :

This fearsome olfactory weapon can certainly keep your enemies away from you, but also your loved ones, and even the sympathy of the people you meet. There is, however, a solution within everyone’s reach to fight against it: parsley! This aromatic herb has the power to neutralize the sulfur emanations produced by the bacteria present in your mouth. Simply chew a few leaves or make an infusion to freshen your breath. However, be careful not to leave any between your teeth, it would be annoying and counter-productive.

2.The halos under your armpits :

You may remember Nagui’s brightly coloured costumes in his cult show “Don’t forget your toothbrush” in the 1990s, but above all the huge halos that he sometimes unveiled unwillingly to millions of viewers. A catastrophe.
Since then, TV set stylists have found a simple, yet frighteningly effective solution: the panty liner! Simply tape them under your armpits to absorb perspiration and prevent unsightly changes of colour under your arms (we’ve gone way beyond glamour). But be careful to put them on properly so that they will last all day long. Tested and approved!

3.Oily hair :

You have oily hair but you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to wash it. Also, you’re afraid to use dry shampoos because you’re afraid of the risk of an allergic reaction and you don’t believe in their effectiveness anyway. We may have the solution for you: talcum powder. This good old skincare product (which has somewhat deserted our bathrooms) could well change your life and save you time. All you have to do is use it as a dry shampoo by sprinkling it on your hair and brushing it out to get rid of the excess. At worst, you can give your hair a quick blow dry if you’ve overdosed. The guaranteed mattifying effect, on blonde hair in any case!

4.The acne pimple :

A few days or the day before a (super) important appointment, a horrible glowing pimple appears. What can you do, or else give in to panic? Go to the bathroom immediately and grab your toothpaste and apply it locally to “the thing”, ideally before going to bed. You can also go on the offensive phase during the day, as long as you don’t leave the house! It’s a well-known trick, of course, but it’s so effective that it’s worth remembering it.

5.Synthetic fabrics that stick to the legs (static electricity) :

It’s still a find of TV set designers, but it’s a must if you often wear synthetic skirts or dresses. To avoid creating static electricity, apply moisturizing hand cream to your legs. Hand cream is greasier than body cream and will make you more comfortable when you wear your favorite little dress.


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