10 signs that indicate that you are eating too much sugar


Too much sugar kills sugar (and health)! Most people think that the brain and body absolutely need sugar to fuel. What they don’t know is that this is not the only way our bodies work: our bodies are able to synthesize the energy they need, and they don’t need sugar at all.

Sugar is a real drug from which it is difficult to withdraw. Indeed, it is everywhere: in pasta, bread, cooked dishes (even salty ones) or rice or biscuits. A scientific study has shown that sugar acts on the same brain cells as cocaine, causing the same dependence (although the health effects are obviously not the same). Over the last 50 years, sugar consumption is estimated to have tripled, with the advent of processed industrial products filled with refined sugars added to all your dishes.

1/ You are tired
To be metabolised by the body, white sugar needs vitamin B1, which contributes to the nervous balance. Overuse can therefore lead to real nervous fatigue.

2/ You experience mood swings, anxiety or even depression.
Irritability, mood changes or confusion, these typical symptoms of hypoglycemia are related to sudden changes in blood sugar levels. When you swallow a sweet cake, for example, your blood sugar rises sharply and then falls back down just as quickly, causing stress, moodiness and even depression.

3/ You have a headache
Stress creates an influx of adrenaline that pumps sugars into the bloodstream: the rapid change in glucose levels can cause headaches.

4/ You have difficulty concentrating and your eyes are tired.
An American study on rats concluded that a diet rich in fructose slows down the brain, causing a disruption of acquisition and memorization faculties.

5/ You have a stomach ache
Eating too much sugar can cause acid reflux and heartburn. Foods filled with refined sugar take longer to digest and slow down the passage of food through the stomach, causing excessive acid production, heartburn and even ulcers.

6/ You have skin problems and acne
Eating too much sugar can wreak havoc on your skin and increase your acne problems.

7/ You may experience vision problems.
Eating too much sugar can lead to diabetes. One of the symptoms of this condition is blurred vision, sometimes associated with headaches.

8/ You are often ill (recurring infections and viruses)
Eating too much sugar makes it harder for the body to protect itself from bacteria and, as we have seen above, makes the body more tired. That makes it easier to catch small viruses, infections, and illnesses.

9/ Your wounds heal more slowly
Sugar is said to slow down the healing process, a common condition among diabetics.

10/ You have dryness and itching
High sugar consumption can lead to dry mouth and skin, associated with itching and irritation.

Could consuming too much sugar kill?

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