6 foods to avoid eating in order to avoid cellulite


Discover the blacklist of ingredients and foods to avoid putting on your plate to prevent cellulite from reappearing!

Cellulite, poetically renamed “orange peel skin”, is the tare of all girls. Often lodged on the thighs, buttocks, hips, or belly, it proves to be a difficult enemy to fight, due to its recalcitrant nature. To get rid of it, you have to be patient, and stick to a healthy lifestyle, by favoring certain foods and targeted sports. But above all, so as not to see it reappear as a traitor, there are a few foods to be avoided. Here is a blacklist of the worst of them.

1/ Raw vegetables
Surprisingly, raw vegetables are not your best allies in the war against cellulite. Contrary to what one might think, fruits and vegetables are rich in water and mineral salts, unfortunately favouring the retention of water, which is then stored in fat cells. Nevertheless, vegetables are good for health and weight loss, so let’s not mix everything up. The anti-capital solution? Prefer cooked vegetables.

2/ Salt
As you may already know, salt retains water, which then leads to poor circulation and, as a result, a pile of dimpled skin.

3/ Meat
Fatty meats such as pork, for example, are fats that are poorly assimilated by the body and stored directly in fat cells. Get on the green!

4/ Butter and cream
Animal fats will be of no use to you in the fight against orange peel: just like meat, dairy products are poorly assimilated by your body, which has no other solution than to store them and give you a beautiful orange peel!

5/ Ready-made meals
No matter how healthy they are, prepared dishes contain far too much salt and sugar, which are necessary for their taste and preservation, and this will not really help you in the hunt for dimpled chunks. Quite the contrary. Rediscover the pleasures of home cooking!

6/ Fast sugars
Industrial cakes, biscuits, sweets, or sodas, cellulite loves these sweet treats to fit in better! The body doesn’t know how to manage this excess blood sugar, so it turns it into fat. In the same vein, try not to eat fruit during meals, but rather at the end of the afternoon.


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