10 Good Reasons To Eat Chocolate!


Let chocolate lovers rejoice, the bars (and for once, not just the ones sculpted in the gym), would be good for your health! As long as you don’t overdo it… Here are ten good reasons to eat chocolate, and to stop feeling guilty.

Eating chocolate would be good for your health. In small quantities of course. Would a square keep the doctor away, just like the good apple? Answer to follow.

1/ Chocolate is an excellent antidepressant

Cocoa is said to slow down memory loss and avoid the risk of cavities thanks to its tannin, fluorine, and phosphate content. As long as you choose it dark, and not milk, which is too rich in sugar. Eating chocolate to keep your spirits up, we love the idea!

2/ Chocolate has aphrodisiac virtues

Chocolate would have a positive impact on libido, especially for women. You know what you have to do before a romantic evening out!

3/ Chocolate stimulates certain areas of the brain

Phenylethylamine, a substance that stimulates the same areas of the brain as amphetamines, is said to be found in chocolate. Overdose allowed!

4/ Chocolate, a true natural medicine

More than 300 active substances are believed to be contained in chocolate. Potassium, magnesium, iron, anti-oxidants… Enough to keep you fit all year round!

5/ Chocolate to combat stress

Due to its magnesium content, chocolate is a stress reliever. Treat yourself to a few squares after a hectic day.

6/ Chocolate is recommended for pregnant women

Chocolate is said to protect pregnant women by considerably reducing the risk of pregnancy-related arterial disease. The baby will be happy!

7/ Chocolate is good for cholesterol

Unbelievable but true: cocoa is able to protect the body against bad cholesterol thanks to the flavonoids it contains. Eating chocolate against cholesterol, you would never have thought of it!

8/ Chocolate is an antioxidant

The antioxidant capacity of cocoa is said to be much higher than that of tea and wine, thanks to the flavonoids and active minerals it contains.

9/ Chocolate reduces tension

Consuming 6 grams of dark chocolate a day will help lower blood pressure.

10/ Is chocolate the new aspirin?

Chocolate has an anticoagulant effect, comparable to that of aspirin. The tablet will soon be reimbursed by the Sécu?


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